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ALS Community Summit

May 29 - June 1

I AM ALS and ALS United logos

ALS Northwest, alongside I AM ALS and other ALS advocacy organizations, is actively participating in the first ALS Community Summit in Washington DC from May 29th to June 1st, 2024. This grassroots event will bring people with ALS and ALS Advocates together from across the country to raise awareness of ALS and to advocate for federal funding for ALS research and support for federal initiatives important to people with ALS. Learn how to attend this important summit virtually or in-person.

During the ALS Community Summit, members of our ALS Northwest Community will meet in Washington DC with our Oregon congressional offices to advocate for the funding of ALS priorities.

A highlight of the ALS Community Summit will be the “I AM ALS” flag display on the National Mall, representing all people living with ALS in the United States. Flags with the names of people living with ALS, and the people we’ve lost to it, will be on display to show the significant impact of the disease on our nation. If there is a name you would like to have represented on a flag for this awareness activity, please register the name here.