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Virtual Caregiver Bootcamp

October 16 @ 5:00 pm - October 20 @ 6:00 pm

Keith And Kim Hardcastle

Being the primary caregiver for a loved one living with ALS can be stressful. In addition to being on call 24/7, caregivers may have additional responsibilities, like working a full- or part-time job and taking care of children. Participants in our weeklong Caregiver Bootcamp will come away from the event with the trusted, vetted support they need to care for their loved one.

This holistic program includes virtual video trainings, Q&A sessions with ALS specialists, and peer-to-peer conversations designed to help family caregivers proactively manage the care of their loved one living with ALS.  The training sessions will allow caregivers to learn from other ALS caregivers who often have years of lived experience. Family caregivers learn the practical skills they need to safely operate unfamiliar tools and equipment such as Ambu Bags, patient lifts, and feeding tubes. At the same time, they receive the resources they need to practice self-care, cope with burnout, and explore in-home and respite care options.

Participants will receive materials and virtual trainings focused on daily topics to review on their own time each morning during Bootcamp week. There will be evening virtual Q&A sessions at 5 p.m. with ALS Care Specialists to answer your questions and time for discussions with other caregivers to build supportive relationships and learn from one another’s experience. Sessions will be hosted by an ALS Association staff member. 

Caregiver Bootcamp daily topics include: Pulmonology and Respiratory Health,  Speech and Communication, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Nursing and Nutrition.

For more information on the Caregiver Bootcamp, please contact the event organizer, Susan Pennock. 

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Susan Pennock
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