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Keith Matteson Authors His ALS Journey

Keith Matteson died on Tuesday, August 15th. He was a dedicated champion of our cause, and he will be missed.

Keith Matteson of Newport, Oregon was diagnosed with ALS in 2020. He found that a lot of friends and family didn’t know much about ALS and wondered what his life living with ALS looked like. Keith is a writer and started writing newsletters for his community as a way to share his journey.

In Keith’s Village Newsletter first edition, Keith shares how his ALS has continued to progress, making it impossible for him to ride his motorcycle, a 57-year-long hobby. He writes about what it’s like to lose mobility, and the tools he has found useful.

In the second edition, Keith talks about his attitude, and how his coping skills have evolved as his ALS has progressed. Read Keith’s words on the “Yoda Way,” and other ways he fosters a positive attitude.

Caregivers are the center of the third edition, in which Keith writes beautifully about the web of love and support that surrounds him. Through his journey with ALS, Keith has come to see that the title of caregiver belongs not only to those who take care of him physically, but also to those who donate their time, expertise, and money to help him in a myriad of ways.

Newsletters are a creative way to share your ALS journey with your community, and we hope sharing these may inspire others to use their voice to do the same.

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