ALS Care Services

Since its inception in 2002, ALS Northwest has been the central source for ALS care services and education for people with ALS, their families, caregivers, and health care professionals in all of Oregon and the six counties of SW Washington.

The progression of ALS varies significantly from one person to another. Responding to each person’s individual needs, ALS Northwest is available to provide vital services and reliable information through strategic community partnerships. 

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Register with ALS Northwest to begin receiving free, personalized services, regardless of insurance or immigration status. You will be partnered with a Care Services Coordinator (see contact information below) who will work with you to determine your current and future needs. Studies show that people with ALS who receive comprehensive care that is tailored to individual needs often experience an increased quality of life. 

ALS care services provided free of charge:

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ALS Care Services Coordinators

Find out more about this team of experts, and their role at the organization.

Call Us to Get Started: 503-238-5559

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ALS Northwest Certified Centers and Clinics

Partnerships with Providence Brain & Spine Institute, the Portland VA Health System, OHSU ALS Center, Kaiser Permanente, St. Charles Health System, Pacific Crest Neurology, and Asante Health System.

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Medical Equipment Program

In partnership with Numotion and Norco Medical to loan equipment to aid in daily living activities and with mobility.

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ALS Financial Assistance Program

People living with ALS can apply for financial assistance for ALS-related expenses such as respite care, counseling, co-pays for healthcare costs, home modifications, and more.

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Caregiver Support

We provide family caregiver-focused support groups, Care Connections guidance, and referrals. 

ALS Support Groups

Support Groups

In-person and virtual support groups for people living with ALS, family members, and friends.

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Support and Resources for Children

It is not easy to talk to young ones about ALS. We have resources for young people of all ages.

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Bereavement Support Program

For family members and friends who have lost a loved one to ALS.

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Education Videos and Webinars

We host many informative presentations on topics related to living with ALS.

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Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology Program

We offer education, support and loans of communication-related tools and other technology to make communication and activities easier for people with ALS. 

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Volunteer Program

Two different volunteer programs whose goals are to help people living with ALS and their families.

ALS Care Services Team

Cassy Adams Headshot

Cassy Adams

Care Services Director
503-238-5559 ext 100

Ashley Loyning, MS, CCC-SLP

Ashley Loyning

Assistive Technology Services Coordinator
503-238-5559 ext 104

Susan Pennock

Susan Pennock

Portland-Metro Care Services Coordinator
503-238-5559 ext 114

Amber Smith

Amber Smith

Portland-Metro Care Services Coordinator
503-238-5559 ext 122

Mary Rebar

Mary Rebar

Willamette Valley Care Services Coordinator

Christina Riddock

Christina Riddock

Central Oregon Care Services Coordinator
Laura Geilenfeldt

Laura Geilenfeldt

Southern Oregon Care Services Coordinator

Rebekah Albert

Rebekah Albert

Bereavement Coordinator

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