Medicare Information

Information updated October 2023.

Patient Advocate Foundation - ALS Medicare Resource Line

The Patient Advocate Foundation has a ALS Medicare Resource Line, a program that offers free and confidential navigational assistance with financial and practical challenges that impact your ability to access healthcare.

Medicare Educational Webinars

Medicare Access Project Webinar Series 1:
An Overview of Medicare for People Living with ALS with an Emphasis on Medicare's Home Health Benefit

Presented by Center for Medicare Advocacy Associate Director Kathy Holt and Executive Director Judith Stein, this webinar addresses topics including: an overview of the Medicare program with particular focus on the home health benefit, Medicare eligibility and enrollment, and Medicare payment rules and assistance.

Medicare Access Project Webinar Series 2:
Case Studies Illustrating Required Components for Medicare's Home Health Care Benefit: Skilled Care, Homebound, face-to-Face Certification and "Dependent" Services Defined

The webinar, presented by Center for Medicare Advocacy, will provide an opportunity to learn using real-life cases to show people living with ALS how to further understand and maximize their home health benefits.