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Give Financial Assistance to People Living with ALS

Matching Gift Success!
Thanks to three special matching gift supporters, we raised $6,418 on March 31st. There’s still time to support this program – give today and become a leader in financial support for people with ALS. Thank you.

Tina DeAvilla passed away on Saturday, March 18th.

She was an incredible champion for our mission and will be missed.

ALS is not only a grueling disease – it’s often an incredibly expensive one and that’s why March 1, 2023 is the start of the Chapter’s spring fundraising campaign for our financial assistance program.

Fortunately, our chapter helps people pay for items – such as home modifications and specialized equipment – that contribute to their overall quality of life. 

Tina at her daughter’s wedding

We recently talked with Tina DeAvilla, who has received financial support from the chapter. She says that immediately following her ALS diagnosis in 2020, we were knocking on her door to offer help.  

Tina lives in Medford, Oregon, with her husband, Mike. Over the years, she’s forged close community connections – teaching Sunday school and working as a hair stylist – and enjoys spending quality time with her extended family. 
Tina and Mike have been able to use chapter grants to help with things like a motorized scooter and remodeling their bathroom. The grants have also come in handy when it comes to insurance co-pays and other smaller items that still add up. 

“It has been such a blessing to know that we have this financial assistance available each year,” says Tina. “It’s a much-needed anchor when it comes to handling the expenses of ALS.”

Tina with her “little best friend”, Lyla

Tina is just one of the hundreds of people who have benefited from financial aid while covering the high costs of ALS. 

We’ve also been able to help Tina with medical equipment, voice banking, and support groups that help keep her mobile and engaged. “I’ve forged so many great relationships,” she says. “It’s good for the soul!” 

You may have received an ALS Chapter Grant from us or know a loved one who did. If so, I hope that it made a difference for you and your family.  

Your donation provides financial assistance that Tina – and hundreds of others – rely on.  

And don’t forget: Our ALS Chapter Grant Program provides people with ALS and their caregivers with up to $1,000 annually – so that they can focus on what matters most. 

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