Planned Giving: Legacy Society

A planned gift is a contribution that is arranged in the present and allocated at a future date. Commonly donated through a will or trust, planned gifts are most often granted once the donor has passed away.

What is the ALS Legacy Society?

The ALS Legacy Society is a community of donors who have made the powerful decision to do even more than give each year. These motivated and impactful individuals have committed to including ALS Northwest in their will, estate plan, annuities, IRA, trust or life insurance.

Join today to build your own legacy of hope for future generations of people with ALS and their families. Your gift will support research for treatments and continued comprehensive care services.

How Do I Join the Legacy Society?

Simply start by sharing your giving plans with us.

With your permission, your family’s name will then be added to our Legacy Society in perpetuity.

Amy Easton
Development Director

Support from members of our Legacy Society has expanded our services to help people living with ALS in our local community and has funded important ALS research projects to find new treatments and a cure for ALS. Your Legacy gift will help fulfill our shared vision to create a world without ALS.

What Our Legacy Society Members Are Saying

Legacy Society Members

ALS Northwest

Angelene Adler-Ashkar
Mary Beth Baker
Jeff and Trina Bandelow
Amie Bates and Cassidy Bolger
Samuel* and Pamela Beekman
Don and Heida Bruce
Anita and Dana Cadonau-Huseby
Lance Christian
Danny Collins*
Leonard Davis*
Barb Deeming
Kathleen “Kaye” Eberhard*
Ken and Tina Feldhaus
Amy and John Frazey
David Frost*
Sally Gehring
Dr. Kimberly Goslin
Cynthia Greene*
Joseph Gross – In loving memory of my mother, Helen Gross
Scott Hall*
Alexis Halmy
Katherine and Trevor Hart
Matson Haug* and Julie Isaacson*
Dan Hayden
Tom and Robin Holt
Karen Hughes
Dorothy Komarek*
Candace Kramer and Drew Prell
Debi and Randy Kyte*
Michael Lamont*
Louis and Jocelyn Libby
James and Barbara Lobdell
Sherry Lougher
Steven Maxwell*
Aubrey McCauley
Doug and Claudia McClure
Leo and Dottie Mellon
Anne Moffett and Gordon Wright
Ralph and Susan Nicholson
Justin Rubaloff
Teri and Steve* Sall
Patricia Schaffers
John Schaffers*
John and Barbara Seibert
Sharla Settlemier and David Cory
Corliss Sherry – My heart, my love, Clayton L. Sherry
Nancy Shire
Laurie Speight*
Darcy Thoulion
Elisabeth Twist
Stephen Zimmer
Jana Zvibleman