Leadership & Staff

Our Esteemed Board of Directors

Jason Drucker President
Aya Healthcare

Arturo Gonzalez Vice President

Katherine Hart Treasurer 
Agriculture Capital

Douglas McClure, PsyD Secretary
Licensed Psychologist

Jerry Catlin
Full Value Tax

Katie Curtis

Mark Doar
Keller Williams Realty

Mark Duin

Kenneth Fink
CDR, USN (Ret) Retired, PVA

Amy FrazeyPast President
The Standard

Kim Goslin, MD, PhD
Providence ALS Center, Retired

Diana Hendrickson
Corvallis Clinic

Tom Holt Past President
The Holt Company, Government & Public Affairs

Lou Libby, MD
Oregon Clinic, Retired

James Lobdell
Portland General Electric, Retired

Ian McHone
Tice Electric Company

Nick Olney, MD
Medical Director, Providence ALS Center

Whitney Parnell

Mark Turnbull
ComForCare of West Linn

Our Esteemed Advisory Board

Taylor Anderson

Marcia Bagnall

Trina Bandelow

Cande Buccola

Gene Buccola

Jon Buccola

Mark Edlen

Barb Deeming

Joe Gross

April Hughes-Sanders

Don Kania

Sally McAfee

Kate Moore

Joy Olson


Kristin Quinlan

Tobias Read

Robert Sall

Lance Steinberg

Anne Weaver

Kenneth Willett

Stephen Zimmer


Lance Christian

Lance Christian, LMSW

Executive Director

503-238-5559 x101

Cassy Adams Headshot

Cassy Adams,

Senior Director: Mission and Operations

503-238-5559 x100

Holly Miller

Holly Miller

Development Director: Special Events and Corporate Relations

503-238-5559 x105

Amy Easton

Amy Easton

Development Director:
Gifts and Communications

503-238-5559 x116

Susan Pennock

Susan Pennock, MSW, LCSW

Care Services Director

503-238-5559 x114

Maggie Pimm

Maggie Pimm

Bookkeeper and Operations Coordinator

503-238-5559 x103

Catherine Hodges

Catherine Hodges

Data and Administrative Coordinator

503-238-5559 x107

Ashley Loyning, MS, CCC-SLP

Ashley Loyning,

Assistive Technology Services Coordinator

503-238-5559 x104

Rebekah Albert

Rebekah Albert

Bereavement Coordinator

503-238-5559 x125

Amber Smith

Amber Smith, MSW, CSWA

Portland Metro Care Services Coordinator

503-238-5559 x122

Mary Rebar

Mary Rebar

Willamette Valley Care Services Coordinator

503-238-5559 x119

Christina Riddock

Christina Riddock

Central Oregon Care Services Coordinator

503-238-5559 x117

Laura Geilenfeldt

Laura Geilenfeldt, LMSW

Southern Oregon Care Services Coordinator

503-238-5559 x118

Leina Panui

Leina Panui van Hurck

Special Events and Fundraising Coordinator

503-238-5559 x120

Taylor Tinsley

Taylor Tinsley

Special Events and Fundraising Coordinator

503-238-5559 x124

Nick Altishin, Development Coordinator

Nick Altishin

Special Events Coordinator

503-238-5559 x108

Taylor Maxwell

Taylor Maxwell

Special Events Coordinator

503-238-5559 x106

Annie Teer

Annie Teer

Volunteer Coordinator

503-238-5559 x121

Jennifer Jordan, Development and Communications Coordinator

Jennifer Jordan

Development and Communications Coordinator

503-238-5559 x123

Will Coker, Design and Marketing Coordinator

Will Coker

Design and Marketing Coordinator

503-238-5559 x102